On the Occasion of Diwali, People are Celebration a Cracker-Free Festival of Light


Diwali is here, and all Odisha people are pretty excited to celebrate this festival with their family and loved ones. But due to the COVID guidelines imposed on the celebrations, there will be no bursting of crackers this year to regulate air pollution.

Due to the COVID Restrictions, ‘Pindadan’ is Prohibited in Bhubaneswar and Puri this Diwali

As the COVID guidelines are imposed for the festival day, ‘Pindadan,’ which most families do in Diwali, has also been restricted by the authorities. It is done to prevent crowds or gatherings from controlling the spread of the virus.

After 2 PM on 14th November, the Mo Bus Services will be Stopped only for the Day

With the Diwali festival in mind, the authorities have decided to stop the Mo Bus services for the day after 2 PM to prevent people from traveling and crowding different places around the cities. Moreover, it is the festival where families get together for a happy celebration. The government insists people spend time with their families without crowding the places around the city.

The Cracker-Sellers are Very Much Affected Due to the News of Cracker-Ban this Year In Diwali

Every year, people who were selling crackers have to sit idle and find another source of income in 2020. After the crackers were banned, now people also prefer electric lamps over Earthen Lamps. The local artists are facing a business crisis due to this adaptation by people.

14th November is also Memorable as Children’s Day: Birthday of India’s First Prime Minister

On the occasion of the birthday of India’s first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, people celebrate it as Children’s day in schools. In 2020, as the schools are all shut down due to this COVID Pandemic, the celebrations for children day seem faded.

An Example of Poor Authority Management has been seen in Parlakhemundi as a Women Gives Birth On-Road

As the hospital management was not co-operative enough to send an ambulance on time for a pregnant lady going through labor pain, the women gave birth to her baby on the roadside. People came to help by covering the lady on the road. It is a true sign of poor management.

New Positive Case Count for the Day is 902, which is a Positive Figure

As the COVID war is coming to an end, the state’s positive count is reducing every day. In 24 hours, there are only 902 positive recorded cases. Out of them, 523 are quarantine cases and 379 local contacts.