Diwali Celebrations Continue without Crackers this Year


With the government guidelines imposed for Diwali celebrations’ regulated rules, the locals in the state are celebrating this festival only by lighting candles and lamps. Not just locals but the CRPF persons are also celebrating the festival by lighting candles.

Due to the Effect of COVID 19, the Kali Puja Celebrations are also Hampered

The COVID 19 Pandemic has affected almost all the festivals in the year 2020, and Kali Puja has also been affected and seems faded due to this pandemic effect. People cannot go to pandals for worshipping and welcoming Maa Kali.

The State is Inching Towards Severe Winter Effects with Every Passing Day

Odisha is now experiencing a severe cold climate as the winter gains more strength in the last months of the year. Some regions of the state have already experienced extremely low temperatures in the night and morning hours.

New Positive Case Count of 753 Patients have been Recorded Under COVID Tests

The count of positive patients is decreasing at a higher pace. Today there are only 753 cases recorded within 24 hours. Out of these 753 cases, 434 are quarantine cases, while 319 are local contacts. Hence, it is good news, but the authorities are trying to gain even more control soon.

As the Cases are Reducing, the Death Count is also Increasing Every Day

In 24 hours, 17 patients lost their lives due to COVID. This is saddening news as people who have severe health disorders are not responding well to the treatments. The authorities are waiting for any good news related to the vaccine.

A Bus Stolen from Bhubaneswar was Found in Berhampur; the Thief is Still not Caught

A bus that was stolen from Bhubaneswar was found today in Berhampur by the police. Police and the bus owners were called on the spot, but the thief who stole it is still not caught. Police have organized search teams to find them out soon.

As per the COVID Guidelines, the Visarjan of Maa Kali’s Idol will be Done Silently Today

The COVID Pandemic did take away all the fun of Kali Puja. But it was necessary to save people’s lives. The COVID guidelines were also imposed for visarjan to conduct the procession with the utmost silence and no crowd.