On Sunday, Daringbadi was Recorded to have the Lowest Temperature of 12.5 Degrees amongst all Hill Stations


Daringbadi was the coldest station as of the temperature recorded on Sunday. The temperature has fallen to 12.5 degrees in Daringbadi, and as per the forecast, most parts of Odisha will experience even low temperature within the next week.

Villagers of Barimunda, Cuttack are Facing Problems as Canal Goes Active

As the Kakatpur branch canal went active yesterday, the villagers are in big trouble running into their houses. The sources say that there was a breach in the canal for which the water resources department was requested to call in a JCB to plug and seal the breach with sandbags.

Jobra Murder Case Finally Found the Way as Two Brothers are Arrested for the Case

After 17 months after the murder of Tapan Nayak in Jobra, Cuttack, Police has caught another two persons who had a big role to play in this murder case. These two people are brothers, and the police are investigating for more details.

Elephants are Troubling the Cities of Odisha as New Group has Entered Nilagiri, Odisha

Some elephants, possibly from Jharkhand, have entered the Nilagiri area of Odisha yesterday night. They have entered the Gopalpur forest range and have destroyed the farming lands and properties. The forest department has been given information and is taking necessary measures.

As Per the Experts, the COVID 19 Survivors are Prone to Suffer from Psychiatric Disorders

This year has not been good for the world. Some researchers from big institutes have reported that the people who are recovered from COVID 19 are very much vulnerable to suffer from different types of psychiatric disorders.

The Natya Sangha of Odisha is Urging the Government to Consider Opening the Theatres

The Natya Sanga team of artists in Odisha is facing troubles as they have no works to do. Therefore, they are requesting the government to reopen the theatres to get an opportunity to earn bread and butter for survival.

The Count of New Start-Up Businesses in Odisha is now 744

The government has promoted the young minds to start their businesses, and this has motivated around 744 government recognized firms to start their business in Odisha as a start-up. It is a great help for the reputation of the state and also for the economy.