Orissa High Court Might Soon Announce Something on the Public Witnessing of Nagarjuna Besha


Orissa High Court is all set to announce some valuable decision on witnessing the darshan of Nagarjuna Besha in Puri. The devotees are waiting for some good news in their favor to let them worship Lord Jagannath.

Odisha Police ASI was Caught Red-Handed while Taking a Bribe of Rs 1500

ASI of Odisha Police, Tofan Guru, has been caught red-handed for taking a bribe of Rs.1500 by the vigilance team. As per the report, he was taking the bribe to let go of a case. For the case of two family disputes filed at Dhauli PS, Tofan Guru asked one of the parties for this bribe amount to let go of the case.

Jirang Buddhist Monastery to be Closed till New Year

The Jirang Buddhist Monastery in Odisha is destined to remain closed till the time of New Year. This decision is taken due to the impact of the COVID virus. The visitors need to stay away from crowding the place to contain the spread of the virus.

A Bike Accident Caused Death of Two Riders after Falling off the Canal Bridge

A bike accident happened at the canal bridge near Dimirikuda yesterday night. Two riders fell off the bridge and lost their lives in the accident. Police recovered their bodies today and trying to identify them to contact the families.

PIL has been Filed in the Orissa High Court for Revoking the Decision on Chhath Puja Restrictions

Chhath Puja is one of the most celebrated festivals in all of India. The people of Odisha have come together to file a PIL in the Orissa High Court to revoke the restrictions imposed by the government on Chhath Puja restrictions.

A Jharsuguda Farmer is Showing ways to the People of Odisha for Cultivating Orange Farming

A farmer in Jharsuguda has successfully migrated to orange farming even when the climate is not good. He is ready to give out the instructions to the farmers across the state to learn about orange farming even in the odd climates.

After the BMC Contractual Peon was Found with Brown Consumption Case, He was Dismissed from the Services

Dilip Bisoyi, a contractual peon of BMC, has been found with 7.8 grams of Brown Sugar, for which he was dismissed from the services. Along with that, he was also caught with Rs.42000 cash and five mobile phones.