Jagatsinghpur Administration Ordered for No Baliyatra this Year


Due to the current pandemic situation of Covid-19, the Jagatsinghpur administration has decided that the Baliyatra would not be organized this year. As in the Baliyatra, many crowd gatherings are expected, so the administration declared to organize the famous festival of Jagatsinghpur. The penalty provision will be imposed under the law in case of any violation.

A Two-member Team of AAI Inspected Rourkela Airport

As the airport in Rourkela set to start the commercial flight services soon, a team of two AAI members visited for inspection of the airport. The group consists of senior officials who have inspected the infrastructure and other facilities in the airport. The airport has a VIP guesthouse and a center of fuel. 

Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) Suspended for being Accused in Bribery Case

In Koraput, the CDPO was suspended by the District Collector for being accused in a bribery case of Rupees 1.75 Lakhs from a member of the SHG group. As per the sources, the officer caught red-handed while accepting the bribe from the member of SHG to pass a bill of Rupees 9, 47,843.

A Youth set the Tehsil Office on Fire in Sambalpur

A youth in Sambalpur allegedly set the Tehsil office in Rengali on fire and later uploaded the video on a social media platform. As per the sources, there is no loss of lives because of the incident, but the office furniture and essential documents are turned into ashes in the fire.

Four Arrested and Seized Tobacco of Rs. 25lakhs by Koraput Police 

Near Patrapur Bridge in jeypore town, police arrested four persons for keeping tobacco worth Rs. 25Lakhs and around 257kg of contraband. The four persons have illegally owned a truck without registration number and number plate. Police also seized four mobile phones and cash of Rs. 38,000 from the four accused.

Odisha Government made the Process of having a Learning License easier than before

The government of Odisha has gotten the learner’s license and introduced a facility for uploading the documents in the Sarathi portal over the paper-based documentation. According to sources, the person needs to upload only one record. If anyone is uploading an Aadhar card containing an address or birth date, they shouldn’t upload any separate document.

Initiative Step has taken by Odisha State Commission to Ensure the Protection of Child Rights

The Odisha State Commission, with this cold wave, took an initial step to protect child rights. As per the sources, a letter is written to the collector in which the commission wrote to ensure the child’s right by no letting any child sleep under the open sky this winters. The commission raised this serious concern and demanded to look after it within 15 days.