According to the sources, in the last 24 hours, a count of 515 new Covid cases are being logged, increasing the total cases to 316306 approximately with 5970 active cases and 310547 recoveries. In this, 295 were in quarantine while 220 were the local cases.

A most Significant Drop in Covid related Fatalities in Odisha Recorded in the Last 24 Hours

Odisha has registered the most significant drop in the Covid related deaths on Sunday with only a number count of four. The list has also been given by the centre, including the name and the place of the patient. The state now stands with 1734 death cases.

The Roads Leading Towards the Odisha Assembly Decided to be Blocked after Several Suicide Attempts

The four main roads leading towards the Odisha Assembly have to be blocked by the police Commissionerate ACP after several suicide attempts by some people in demand of justice. As these issues gained political heat, so the police Commissionerate decided to block those roads, and commoners are allowed to go through the roads after proper checking and acknowledging purposes. 

In Nayagarh Minor Girl’s Murder Case, Arun Bothra again Earned the Distinction to Solve the Mystery

In the murder case of a minor girl in Nayagarh was handed over to Arun Bothra yet again. After the success of the Patnagarh Parcel bomb and the Astaranga Quadruple Murder case, again, Mr Bothra came into the spotlight to solve the puzzling case. The Special Investigation Team requested the State government to head the investigation with Arun Bothra and four other officers.

Inauguration of Virtual Platform is Done for Interactive Training at Walmi

Anu Garg, the principal Secretary of DoWR, was inaugurated a virtual platform for interactive training on Friday. According to Mrs Garg, the virtual platform will help the trainees of DoWR for interactive discussions and interactions. This program is an initial step taken by keeping the Covid guidelines in view.

The Odisha Assembly Winter Session Postponed Sine Die before the Scheduled Date

The winter session of the Odisha Assembly postponed the Sine die before the scheduled date of one month. It was scheduled to begin from November 20 and to continue till December 31. While later, it was postponed due to some issues which were vehemently denied by some of the congress leaders.             

The most Awaited Kiratarjuna Besha of Lord Dhableswar was Observed in Athagarh District on Sunday

With the strict adherence to Covid-19 guidelines, the Kiratarjuna Besha of lord Dhableswar was celebrated in Athagarh. The devotees around temples complete the rituals by following all the Covid guidelines. After the temple’s opening, devotees are allowed to take a glimpse of Lord Dhableswar and offered Bala bhoga.