Konark Festival began on 1st December, and the sand artists have shown their skills and expertise to replicate beautiful sculptures in this festival. The crowd is very much keen and happy to see these amazing scenic visuals and are admiring the preparations done by the government.

Miscreants Looted Two ATMs at Bagudi Bazar During Late Night

Two ATMs were looted by few miscreants late at night at Bagudi Bazaar. There is no estimate calculation done yet for the total looted amount. Police have started the investigation to catch hold of these miscreants.

CBSE Board has Decided to Conduct Written Mode Exams only without Adapting Online Mode

CBSE Board has denied that there will be no online examination for the board exams of Class 10 and Class 12. They will conduct the exam only in the written mode with proper COVID guidelines imposed by the schools and centre authorities.

Puri Lawyers have Filed a Case Against Amazon for Selling Nirmalya Online

Puri Lawyers have filed a legal case against the online shopping site, Amazon for online selling of Nirmalya. Nirmalya is a famous Prasad of Lord Jagannath, Puri, and selling it online has hampered the sentiments of the native people.

Odisha has Taken a Decision to Put Up No Posters in front of the House of COVID Affected

The Odisha government has decided that there will be no more posters being pasted outside the house of COVID affected. It is indeed a good decision by the government. They have instructed all the district administrations to implement this order right away.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik has Announced that Special Act will be Projected for Lingaraj Temple along with Puri Srimandir

The Lingaraj mandir in Bhubaneswar will also be developed under a special act that will soon be announced by Honourable CM Naveen Patnaik. This development work will fall in the same line as that of Puri Srimandir. Along with that, CM Naveen Patnaik also showed gratitude towards people who gave their lands for a development project to commence around the temple.

BJP says that There Might be Involvement of Organ Trading Racket in Pari Murder Case

As the Pari murder case has taken hype over the state, BJP ministers and supporting authorities believe that there might be some organ trafficking gang behind this murder. They are also demanding a CBI probe for the matter to give justice to the family.