Partha Foundation had a grand opening ceremony on Monday. The event was blessed with the presence of eminent chief guests Sri Suresh Panda (Senior IAS Officer),
Dr Sanghamitra Mohanty, Dean of Sri Sri University, Dr Sutapa Pati, Dean Xavier School of Sustainability , Bharati Chakra, Helpage India, State Head and Lester Sandres Rápalo, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs, CUNY, Dr Neal Philip, Chairperson Professor, BCC/CUNY, Professor Paramita Sen, Lecturer, BCC/CUNY, Dr Dereck Skeete, Professor at Medgar Evers College and several other dignitaries & collaborators from around the world on Zoom.

Partha Foundation is founded by Sri Rakesh Panda, a senior scientist, and educator. The foundation is established with the aim to inspire and bring a transformative change in society.

Partha Foundation has partnered with School of Sustainability & School of Communications, Xavier University, Bhubaneswar. It is planning various environmental-related works and will undertake incubation and creation of eco villages and eco sustainability hubs in Odisha.

In partnership with BCC (Bronx Community College, New York) and CUNY, Partha Foundation will undertake various environmental-related works focusing on their journey for sustainability and social cause.

The “Guest of Honour,” Provost Lester Sanders Rapalo, CUNY commented “We are excited for this great opportunity for our BCC students and look forward to the partnership with Partha Foundation in Odisha.” President Isekenegbe, the leader of the institute, extended his support, Chairperson Neal Phillip and Professor Paramita Sen, Chemistry Department, CUNY, New York, expressed their eagerness towards undertaking this great journey of sustainability along with Partha Foundation.

Partha Foundation’s core objective is to create yoga and wellness awareness in society by offering free online Yoga courses for three months in COVID-19 conditions. Post-COVID -19, they will provide full-fledged yoga workshops and classes in Odisha. Their yoga faculties are certified trainers with International teaching experiences.

In collaboration with Xavier University, Bhubaneswar, and CUNY, New York, Partha Foundation is also working for a lot of social causes in Odisha.