Bagra Waterfall

Bagra WaterfallThe ravines and densely vegetated slopes of the winding hills in Jeypore offer mind blowing views that draw thousands of tourists. The Waterfalls in Jeypore have the reputation of springing up in view when you least expect them. The Bagra Waterfall Jeypore is a charming waterfall on the river Kolab and an ideal picnic spot.

You can visit the Bagra Waterfall In Jeypore In India as part of a daylong itinerary and reach the spot with packed lunch and enjoy the scenic beauty of the place punctuated by the constant gush of the waterfall. Plunging down from amidst the dense foliage, tangled roots and creepers, the milky white stream of the Bagra Waterfall In Jeypore In Orissa makes a heavenly sight. The Bagra Waterfall Jeypore is a must visit place on a tour to Jeypore.

The Bagra Waterfall can be reached from the Jeypore town easily. Buses, taxis and auto rickshaws are available frequently. You can hire an auto rickshaw for a to and fro journey. The auto drivers are well versed with the tourist spots around the city and can take you on a safe ride around the town.