Paradip is located at 20.16 degrees N 86.40 degrees E. It has an average elevation of 1m (3 ft). It is situated in Jagatsinghpur district of Orissa. The average temperature ranges from 14 degrees centigrade in winter to a maximum of 40 degrees centigrade to 45 degrees centigrade in summer.

Paradip is a city in the district of Jagatsinghpur. It is one of the twelve major ports of India. It has a beautiful beach on the confluence of river Mahanadi and Bay of Bengal. The beach has clear blue water, green forests, a good marine drive and the biggest port which attracts lots of visitors every year and makes it an ideal tourist spot.

How to get there?
Paradip is connected to all major cities like Bhubaneswar, Cuttack etc. through road and railways. People prefer to travel via road transports. A Bus service or a hired taxi is easily available from Cuttack or Bhubaneswar. It’s distance is about 125 Kms from Bhubaneswar airport and 94 Kms from Cuttack railway station.

Where to stay?
At Paradip, one can halt at a number of resting places like Paradip Port Trust’s Nehru Bungalow, Hotel Golden Anchor, Hotel Aristocrat and Hotel Paradip International.

Fairs and festivals
Paradip celebrate many festivals including Makar Mela, Bali yatra, Raja parba, Ganesh puja, Laxmi puja, Durga puja among many others.

With many malls coming up, Paradip provides a great opportunity for shoppers to look for various trendy stuff and handicraft items.