Bhakta Kavi Salbeg

Bhakta Kavi Salbeg was a devotional poet of Odisha during the 17th century. Although he was a Muslim, he was a great devotee of Lord Jagannath of Puri and has composed many songs praising the Lord.

According to a legend, once during Rath Yatra, Salbeg was delayed in joining the procession as he fell ill while returning from a pilgrimage. He prayed to the Lord to slow down the chariot so that he could join the holy procession. It is said that the chariot of Lord Jagannath came to halt and did not move until Salbeg reached Puri and joined the procession.

Now, the halting of the chariot has became a part of the custom. Every year, during Rath Yatra, the chariot of the Lords are temporarily stopped in front of the tomb of Salbeg at Puri.