Gajapati Maharaja Krushna Chandra Dev

Krushna Chandra DevKrushna Chnadra Dev was born in 1892. He was a freedom fighter, social reformer, educationist and architect of modern Odisha. He took birth in the royal family of Parlakhemundi which belong to the Ganga dynasty of Puri. He became the king of Parlakhemundi in 1931. He attended the first round table conference held in London in 1930. There he made an appeal for a separate state of Odisha. When Odisha was granted a separate statehood in 1936, Krushna Chandra Dev was elected as the Prime Minister of the state. During his reign, Utkal University, Medical College, Odisha High Court, and the Agricultural Research Center were built. He praised the literature and art work of Odisha and built a permanent theater in Parlakemundi for promoting cultural activities. He died in 1974 but his contribution towards the development and unity in Odisha state will be remembered forever.