Gangadhar Meher

Gangadhar MeherGangadhar Meher was a great poet of Odisha. He was born in 1864 at Barpali town in Baragarh District. He belonged to a weaver family. Despite of his simple family background, he rose to become one of the most eminent poets of Odisha. His compositions are mainly based on moral values and the language which he used in his poems had a different feel. His most famous epic is ‘Tapaswini’. His other compositions include ‘Amruta Sagar Bindu’, ‘Mun Ta Amruta Sagar Bindu’, ‘Basanta Bijay Barata’, ‘Bishwa Dekha Madhumaya’, ‘Mangale Aila Usha’ and ‘Dhire Dhire Aasa’.

For his immense contribution towards Odia literature, Gangadhar Meher was titled as ‘Wordsworth of Odisha’. Every year, on his birthday, functions are organised all over Odisha in which Odissi dance is performed on the songs composed by him.