Kabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja

Kabi Samrat Upendra BhanjaUpendra Bhanja was born during 1670. He is considered as the greatest poet of Odisha. Though he was born in a royal family, he never kept his eye on the throne. His first wife was the sister of the king of Nayagarh. His second wife, the daughter of king of Banapur was a wise princess and gave him poetical inspiration. He was also inspired by his grandfather King Dhananjay Bhanja who was a great poet himself and wrote Raghunath Bilash and Ratna Manjari. He learned the Sanskrit classical literatures and mastered the Sanskrit dictionaries. He wrote Geetabhidhana which was a dictionary for helping poets.

Upendra Bhanja wrote more than 50 books, most of which are lost as they were hand copied in limited numbers due to absence of printing press at that time. Today, 20–25 books of Upendra Bhanja are available. His first written work was ‘Rasapanchaka’. His other eminent writings include ‘Baideheesha Bilasha’, ‘Rasalila’, ‘Brajaleela’, ‘Subhadra Parinaya’, ‘Lavanyabati’, ‘Premasudhanidhi’, ‘Rasikaharabali’, and ‘Subhadra-Parinya’ etc.

Upendra Bhanja had an unique and excellent style of writing which is still unsurpassed by anyone. He died around 1740 but his excellence and incomparable creations titled him as ‘Kabi Samrat’.