Kishori Charan Das

Kishori Charan DasBorn on March 1, 1924 at Khatbin Sahi of Cuttack, Kishori Charan Das is a versatile genius and a distinct talent in Odia story literature. His stories do not preach morals or convey messages. Rather, they present the realities of everyday life in a straightforward manner and an unassuming style. Though his stories start on a simple note, they eventually reach their culmination in unexpected and surprising ways.

He writes in English as well as in Odia and has translated his own works. He has also translated writings by other Odia authors. He received the Orissa Sahitya Akademi award, 1976, Sarala Puraskar, 1985 and Bishuva Puraskar, 1992. Some of his important works in Odia are ‘Bhanga Khelana’, ‘Ghara Bahuda’, ‘Manihara’, ‘Thakura Ghara’, ‘Khelara Nam Ranga’, ‘Bhinna Paunsha’, ‘Shita Lahara’, ‘Nija Sanja’ and ‘Taranga’. He was proficient in experimenting and analyzing the present state of the society.