Laxmi Parida

Laxmi ParidaLaxmi was born in Odisha and was the youngest in a family of four children. Her three older brothers doted on her and she grew up admiring them and wanting to be like them.

Laxmi is today whole-heartedly dedicated to her research activities at the IBM Research Centre. Her areas of research include computational genomics, theory and applications, phylogeny, design and analysis of algorithms. The seed of her inclinations towards bioinformatics was sown during her undergraduate days when she developed a liking for problems with a mathematical flavour.

She had earlier dabbled in Computer Aided Geometric Design (CAGD). While doing her PhD thesis, her primary interest shifted to algorithmics in computer science. At that time she was exposed to some exciting computational problems in biology at New York University. She was fascinated by these problems and quickly zeroed in and has been working in this area ever since.

She has authored over seventy five research papers and holds several US patents related to her algorithmic work. She has been on the program committee of several leading conferences in the area of computational biology, as well as string algorithms. Coincidently she also chaired an international conference on bioinformatics in Bhubaneswar in December 2006 and was responsible for bringing in leading researchers of the world to Bhubaneswar and exposing the local young talents to the brightest minds in this field.

Laxmi is also proficient in Tango – an Argentine dance form, as her favourite one. In fact it’s not a pastime; rather a comitted involvement. She was introduced to the world of Argentine Tango in the Autumn of 1998. She instantly fell in love with this sensuos, expresive dance and has never looked back since then. She trained with various masters and the most influential of them has been Mariella Franganillo who has strongly influenced Laxmi to develop her own tango personality and style. She has travelled to different corners of the world, Melbourne to Montreal, Hong Kong to Cape Town, experiencing the richness of life through tango.