Nilakantha Das

Nilakantha DasNilakantha Das was born in the year 1884 in Puri district. He was a great leader, politician, social reformer and patriot. He was a M. Phil. from Calcutta University. He denied a lucrative job under British Government and worked as a respectful headmaster of a school. He was also a great writer and orator. His speeches inspired the young generation to fight against untouchability and other social evils.

His contribution towards Odia literature is immense. His major works in Odia poetry include ‘Konark’ and ‘Mayadevi’. He was also a good translator and translated poems of Lord Tennyson in Odia laanguage titled ‘Dasa Naik’ and ‘Pranayini’. He was awarded Sahitya Academy Award for his autobiography ‘Atma Jivani’. He passed away in the year 1969, but till now his epics are considered as the master pieces of Odia language.