Pathani Samanta Chandrasekhar

Pathani Samanta Chandrasekhar was born in the year 1835 at Khandapara in Nayagarh district. He was a great astronomer of Odisha. When he was a student, he opted Sanskrit as the medium of education instead of English. He worked hard and achieved great success in the field of traditional Indian astronomy. He built many astronomical instruments using locally available materials like wooden sticks and bamboo pieces. His astronomical instruments had great accuracy. Due to his immense contribution towards the field of astronomy, Pathani Samanta was conferred with the title of ‘Mahamahoadhyaya’ by the British government in the year 1893. His book ‘Siddhanta Darpana’, written in Sanskrit was appreciated all over the country and won him wide acclaim and fame.

He died in the year 1904. As a tribute to this great astronomer, an observatory named Pathani Samanta Planetarium is built in Bhubaneswar.