Prince Dance Group

Prince Dance GroupPrince Dance Group is a group of 20 members belonging from Berhampur, Odisha. This dance group is led by Krishna Mohan Reddy who is also the choreographer and mentor of the group. The members of this group belong from remote part of the state and most of them are from the disadvantaged sections of different parts of Ganjam district. Apart from Krishna the others members of the group work as labour in a construction site. Two members, Padmanabha Sahu (24 yrs) and Telu Tarini (13 yrs) are physically challenged. This group gained popularity when it participated in a very popular program of Indian Television “India’s Got Talent”. They won the heart of the judges and crores of audiences across the country by their stunning performance. They won the competition and were awarded with Rs. 50 Lakhs and a car. They acted as an eye-opener to many and proved that determination, devotion and true spirit can tackle any hindrances to come up winning. They made Odisha feel proud. The Govt. of Odisha awarded them with Rs. 1 crore and four acres of land for establishing a dance academy. After winning in the program they were subsequently called by foreign countries to perform. They have spread the name of Odisha not within the country but throughout the whole world.