Sachi Routray

Sachi Routray was born in Gurujang near Khurda on May 13, 1916. While a school boy he was drawn into the vortex of the freedom struggle.

Routray’s first anthology of poems was ‘Patheya’ (Pathway). That, in fact, set the path for a whole range of creations.

Sachi Routray has been writing poems for more than half-a-century now or even more, countless poems, rich in form and content using symbols, myths and archetypes; most of them in free verse. In a sense, he is without parallels. He has indeed been a prolific writer-a poet, a short story writer, a novelist and a critique all rolled into one. He is a towering figure in modern Odia literature.

His versification has a vivid imagery, penetrating perception and acute awareness of the current happenings. In some of his poems like ‘Abhiyan’ (Expedition), ‘Raktasikha’ (Flames of Blood) and Pallishree’ (The Rural Beauty), he has raised his voice of protest against exploitation of various kinds. Many of his poems are clarion calls to the struggling masses to come out of the cages of servitude. The poor farmer, the wage earner, the mazdoor and the helpless man of the town all have been Routray’s characters.

Sachi Routray’s life is the confluence of three different streams, he is born Odia, educated and grew up in Bengal and married to a Telugu princess of Golapalli. The confluence of three cultures of Utkal, Banga and Dakshin opened up new vistas and established cross-cultural linkages- A Triveni Sangam.

Sachidananda Routry is not only a poet but a humanist and a visionary as well. His response to modernity lies in his patient sympathy for the poor and the oppressed, the desolate and the ruined. His poems has natural tendency to speak for the lower substratum of the society. His poetic crusades release a sense of freedom and aggressiveness.

He passed away on August 21, 2004.