Saswat Joshi

Saswat Joshi performing at the inaugural ceremony of Mukteswar Dance FestivalSaswat Joshi, who hails from the hottest town of Titlagarh in Balangir district is today one of the brightest young male Odissi dancers of the State. Known for his expression and technical perfection in Odissi dance, he has the future prospect having determination & devotion to carry forward Odissi dance in its classical feature & traditional style.

It was at the age of five Saswat learned his first dance steps from Guru Prasanta Patnaik and Shantanu Behera. He learnt the basics of dance and postures of Odissi dance with great interest and dedication and as a child artist he excelled in Sambalpuri Nrutya (folk art form of western Odisha), under Guru Shantanu Behera.

Later, the intrinsic talents of Saswat flourished under the guidance of great maestro Padmashree Kumkum Mohanty. He was also closely associated with Guru Kelu Charan Mohapatra’s Odissi style known as Kelu Charan GHARANA from 2000-2004.

Since 2004 he is associated with Art Vision, Bhubaneswar and is contuining his training in Odissi under the guidance of Padmashree Dr. Ileana Citaristi.

Saswat has also received training from many senior disciples of Guruji like Mukti Lata Pal, Leena Nanda, Kasturi Pattanaik, Dr. Minati Pradhan, Shilalipi Parida, Sagarika Mohapatra, Nivedita Jena & Nihar Nalini Das.

Saswat has performed widely throughout India & abroad. He has performed at major dance festivals and venues across the world including Japan, UK, Canada, Europe and India. He has also participated in many workshops on Odissi dance in South Korea, Europe, Italy and Japan.

He has also choreographed dance productions for stage and Television and participated in several dance competitions held at national level.