Phulabani is located at 20.47°N 84.23°E. It has an average elevation of 485 metres (1591 feet).

Phulbani is the Headquarters of the Kandhmal district which has a variety of attractions including a rich tribal culture and colourful flora & fauna for the tourists as indicated below. Phulbani is the most convenient base for touring the various places of interest in the district.

How to reach there?
Air: The nearest airport is situated at Bhubaneswar.
Rail: The nearest railhead is at Berhampur on the SE Railway-127 km.
Road: Good motorable roads connect the place with Bhubaneswar (211-km), Berhampur and other important places of the State by regular bus services.

Where to stay?
There are many sorts of accommodations that are available here. Hotel Rajkamal, Laxmi Lodge, Guru Lodge, and Venkateswar Lodge offer all basic facilities to the visitors.

Cities Nearby
Patudi (15 kilometers), Chakapad (85 kilometers), Belghar (158 kilometers), Berhampur (127 kilometers), Dalringibadi (135 kilometers).

Nature and religion go hand in hand at Phulbani; its rusticity and the charisma presented by nature are alluring enough to attract visitors.

Places to visit
Tribal Tour : Phulbani was inhabited by a number of tribal groups in medieval times. The tribal population still exists in many parts. The tourists get ample opportunity to explore their traditional ways of living and rustic life style.

Balaskumpa : This popular attraction of the place is known for the presence of a temple devoted to the revered deity named Barala Devi. The goddess is venerated by both tribal as well as local inhabitants.

Other Temples : There are innumerable other temples at Phulbani that attract crowds of visitors. A few names in this regard are Bahairvee Temple, Charisambhu Ananta Temple, and Lord Birupakshya Temple are the places of pilgrim’s interest.

Boudh : A Buddhist tourist center located at about 70 kilometers from Phulbani is Boudh. It was the hub of many religious activities in ancient period. A grand image of Lord Buddha placed here attracts huge crowd of devotees. Other places that may interest you are the temples dedicate to Hindu gds and goddesses. The place can be reached from cities like Bhubaneswar, Sambalpur and Berhampur.

Chakapad : This pretty place is loaded with natural charm. A shrine of Birupaksya on the banks of River Brutunga is the center of attraction here. A distinctive feature of Chakapad is that all the trees present in this area are bent in south direction.

Dalringibadi : A location lying 135 kilometers from Phulbani, Dalringibadi is another fascinating place to roam about. A lovely summer retreat, the place receives snowfall in winter season, a feature peculiar to this tourist hotspot.

Chaisambhu : Named after the shrine consecrated to Lord Chaisambhu, this place is located 85 kilometers from the destination.

Purana Khatak : Yet another place of religious importance is Purana Khatak; visit the shrine devoted to goddess Bhairavee.

Patudi : A location famous for its waterfall and resplendent nature, Patudi is covered with dense forests. You can bask about in its salubrious weather and enjoy the lyrical songs presented by chirping birds.

Fairs and festivals
Car festival is the main festival of Phulbani; a number of Jatras are also inherent in the culture of its society.