Sachitra Vijaya

Sachitra Vijaya

A monthly socio-cultural and literary magazine in Odia language. Printed and published by Rabindra Kumar Panda on behalf of Media Anupam Ltd and edited by Kedar Mishra. Since last two decades the magazine has made a great effort for the development of Odia language, literature and culture. Sachitra Vijaya is not a conformist literary magazine; it is rather open in attitude. The team believes in an egalitarian democratic society and in working hard to establish democratic ethos.

Editor: Kedar Mishra
Publisher: Media Anupam Ltd

Issue: January-February 2013

Sachitra Vijaya Fanuary February 2013 Edition
The January & February combined edition of the Sachitra Vijaya contains articles penned by Mr. Kedar Mishra (Editor Sachitra Vijaya), Kailash Chandra Dash and Kalpana Mishra, Nabakishore Raj, Poems by Sarada Prasad Mishra, Manoj Ku Panda, Srihari Dhal, Ranjita Panda & Swarup Mohapatra, An experience story by Prof. Nityananda Satpathi, Story by Mr. Abhas Ku Barala, Dr. Kisore Mohanty, Cartoons by Ashwini and Abani and many more.
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