Haripur, previously known as Hariharpur, was founded by Maharaja Harihar Bhanj in the year 1400 A.D. and remained as the capital of Bhanja Dynasty before its shifting to Baripada. Baidyanath Bhanj, another ruler of the dynasty built here a magnificent brick temple in honour of his tutelary God Rasika-raya. The vast ruins here afford ample and interesting materials for archeological research. A little north to the courtyard of Rasikaraya temple lies the ruins of Ranihanspur (the inner apartment of queen) and to the east once stood the Durbal Hall, decorated with sculptured stone columns and arches of intricate designs, the remains of which have been recently unearthed. Close by stands the brick-built rectangular temple of Radhamohan. The temple of Jagannath also stands nearby which is built in Goudiya style of architecture during the region of Harihar Bhanj.