Brahmeshwara Temple

Brahmeshwar TempleArchitecturally, the temples of Bhubaneshwar can be resolved into three broad styles as rekha, pidha and khakhara. Most of the temples of the first two orders have two main components: the sanctum, with a convex curvilinear spire, locally known as the deul, also called bada deul (the big temple) or the rekha deul.

In 1061 AD, Kolavati built this temple, the mother of the Somavansi king Udyotakesari, in the eighteenth regnal year of his reign. The temple is a fine specimen of innovative and mature Orissan style of temple building. For the first time iron beams have been used to build up the structure. This is the second temple, after the Mukteshwar, to boast of a Jagamohana that has a finely carved interior. The sculptural details and the immaculate iconography show expert workmanship of the Orissan artists of the era. The figures of the musicians and dancers, the lion-head motif, the amusing and erotic figures and others exude a special charm.