Parasurameswara Temple

Parasurameswar TempleParasurameswara Temple, built in 650 AD, is one of the oldest temples existing in Bhubaneswar. A typical example of the Orissan style of temple architecture, the temple features occupied a prominent place in history of Orissa. The decorative scheme of the shrine, in the temple, is well-organized, with close adherence to ancient architectural texts.

The deul about 13 m high has no platform and is triratha on plan, a dominant style of the early periods. The temple typifies the stage of Saiva Pasupata Sect, illustrated by the frequent representation of Lakulisa. He is sculpted in Buddha-like form, with four disciples at his feet as shown on the last side of the tower, while on the West, above the relief of Nataraja, he looks like the meditating Buddha.

The Jagamohana, adjoining the square towered shrine has an additional doorway on the South and four latticed windows, one each on the North and South and two on the West, the last, decorated with wonderfully animated bands of dancers and musicians. The main entrance to Jagamohana also has a fine carving of domestic elephants capturing wild ones, to the left of the lintel.