Rani Sati Temple

The Rani Sati Temple is situated at Birmitrapur and is also popularly known as second Jhun-Jhun Dham of India. The temple is beautifully designed and the work done on the walls are appreciating. The temple complex has got two beautiful flower garden. The statue of lord Shiva is very beautiful in the back side garden of temple. It is also called “Jhun Jhun Dham” at Birmitrapur. The Marwari society from Rajasthan and other parts of country worship Rani Sati Dadi in there house daily and they believe that Rani Sati Dadi is Maa Durga.

In the Rani Sati Temple complex there is Ganesh Temple, Hanuman Temple, Sita Ram Temple and Shiva Temple with other thirteen Sati Temple. The beautiful atmosphere attracts every visitor. The temple is forty kilometres from the Rourkela. At the top of the temple there is a golden pot that is very alluring.