Vedvyas was the famous author of Mahabharata and eighteen other epics. The birthplace of Vedvyas has been commemorated as a sacred place of pilgrimage. A cave that existed on a hill in the middle of the river of Shankh was called the hermitage of Vyas. It was also called the Vyasa cave.

There are nine temples between Vyas Kund and Vyas Gumpha. They are Sri Chandrasekhar Mandir, Sri Raghunath Mandir, Sri Durga Mandir, Sri Hanuman mandir, Jagannaath Mandir, Sri Balunkeshwara Mandir, Sri Biswanath Mandir and Saraswati Mandir.

Every year thousands of devotees worship Vyasa dev on the full moon day of Ashada. Every year a fortnight long Shivaratri is celebrated.