Binikei Pitha

Binikei Pitha is yet another hot spot for tourists dedicated to mother Goddess Maa Binikei in the sub-division of Athamallik. The place is located on the bank of the river Mahanadi and is only 25 km from the sub divisional headquarters.

The river Mahanadi flows between hills just in front of the citadel of the native Goddess. The maiden river offers the rare opportunity of witnessing the sunrise and sunset that is very captivating and enthralling. The atmosphere is very lively, where the fishermen are in their own small world of catching fishes, doing their work and merry making.

At the back of the temple stands, the towering Panchadhara hills like a crown on the head of the deity. Whatever may be the spiritual discourse about the origin and significance of the idol, it can be concluded with some degree of emphasis that the modeling of the idol indicates a synchronization of Buddhist Tantrayana and Hindu architect design. The most important celebration of the temple is Dola yatra during the month of Phalguna (spring season).