Maheswari Temple

Maheswari Temple, a citadel of Saktism is considered to be one of the most important temple of the region. The idol of Goddess Maheshwari is made of gold and other valuable Astadhatus. The feature of the idol which makes it unique is that it has eleven hands, one of which emerges out of the belly of the idol. Though the worship of Ekadasabhuja-Durga is found in other regions of Odisha, the icon of Maheswari is unique and unparallel with any other Shakti Peetha.

The architectural design of the temple confirms to the Kalinga-style. More than artistic delights and spiritual prescience, the temple and its legends preserve the history of the land with its social and economic landscape. The main temple has been so constructed that the first ray of the rising sun reflects on the Dadhinauti of the temple. The beautiful incarnation of the temple and its subtleness will be there for years together to glorify our Indian beauty and tradition. It seems that the stone has many things to say to the world which is unheard or untold. The deity has been so important and popular among the masses that, kings envied each other over the possession of the deity in their kingdom.