Saranga is situated in the district of Dhenkanal at a distance of about 67 kms from Dhenkanal city and 23 kms from Angul city. It is an important pilgrimage center. A splendid and huge image of Lord Vishnu can be found on the rocky bed of river Brahmani in Saranga. The image of the lord is enshrined in Anantasana posture. There is a huge serpent, whose hoods are covering the head of lord Vishnu as crown and cover. The serpent is regarded as the king of all serpents, named Ananta. A lotus flower originates from the naval of lord Vishnu, which serves as the seat of lord Bamha. The lovely sight of the river side is very enjoyable. This place attracts tourist in large number.

Saranga can be reached by bus from both Dhenkanal (67 kms) and Angul (23 kms).