Jal Mahadev

The rarity of Jal Mahadev is that Lord Shiva displays himself (Swayambhu) beneath the flow of a perennial stream. Devotees as offerings drop bel leaves and flower on the gushing rill. The enthralling scenery adds charm to the place. Moreover, a number of Shiva Lingas are ferreted out at the site, which was probably adored earlier by aesthetics. This place was buzzing with religious activities before but, it has slackened now. Those who want enjoyment with bathing can have the pleasure in the stream amid nature. This place is always inhabited by people to relish the holy dip as well as picnic. A visitor feels that he has taken full utilisation of the money spent as he sees the nature at its best with exotic plants and birds, animals, reptiles and insects get full freedom to roam and flock.

Part from this, visitors can enjoy the beauty of nature and also stumble upon wild animals. Besides this, there are other places of interest like Deer Park, Herbal Garden and local market at Harishankar. At the other side of Gandhamardan Hills, if treckers want to have the full pleasure of trecking, they can try a 16 km route to reach Lord Nrusingh at the other side of the Gandhamardan Hills.

Jal Mahadev is 84 km from Balangir via Khaprakhol (16 km from Jal Mahadev) which is a vintage point is connected with Balangir, Bargarh (68 km) Nuapada (67 km) Kantabanji (68 km) Titilagarh (144 km). One has to take a left turn at village Maharapadar (08km) on the way from Khaprakhol to Harishankar (13 km) and reach another village named Kandarabhata which is only 1 km away from Jal Mahadev.