Khirochora Gopinath

Remuna is famous for Khirachora Gopinath temple. Remuna has been a seat of Vaishnawite Culture for centuries. Madhabendra of Puri, the teacher of Shri Chaitanya and Shri Chaitanya himself visited Remuna and offered their worship to Khirachora Gopinath. Champak and Kadamba trees inside the courtyard fill the air with sweet and scented fragrance all the time.

Remuna is famous for its temple dedicated to Lord Khirachora Gopinath (Krishna, who steals the milk). Today hundreds of devotees gather daily for the sacred Darshan of the Lord. Khira (a special milk preparation) is the most delicious offering of the temple. Remuna is a chunk of Vrindaban in Odisha.