Located in the sacred Gandhamardan Hills, which according to legends, Hanuman carried on his shoulders from the Himalayas as described in the ancient epic Ramayana, it is an important pilgrimage site. The present temple located at the source of the Papaharini stream is a 14 th century structure built on a more ancient site. The temple is unique and the stone steps wind up the hillside behind the temple, leading past a waterfall, and eventually curving under the falls to a spot, where some beautiful and very well preserved relief structures are found. This paradise is located at a distance of 120 km from Bargarh. A murmuring rivulet enshrines the shrine forming a series of waterfalls at different stages- Bhimadhar, Gadadhar, Guptadhar, Pitrudhar, Kapiladhar and Chaldhar. Nrusinghnath, the only instance of its kind in the world, is a place where Lord Vishnu is worshipped in a feline incarnation. As it is a lone pilgrim spot, it captivates and draws the attention of many people with its magical charms.