Guamal lies in Bhadrak district of Odisha. It is an archaeological site and is famous for Kumareshwar Mahadev Temple. The temple is situated close to a paddy field at the end of the village. The temple is west faced. It has a curviliner tower called Rekha Deula, and porch hall called Mukhamandapa in the front. The temple is placed at a height of 50 mtrs above the ground level. Most of the architectural designs of the temple lay hiding behind the heavy plastering of the outer surface. Images of Lord Vamana, Varah, Yama and some other deities are preserved in the inner and outer surface of the wall of the temple hall. The door jambs of the temple are beautifully sculptured with the figures of Goddess Ganga and Goddess Yamuna. The temple is very important in archaeological point of view and therefore it is kept under the purview of Orissa State Archeology Department.