Anshupa Lake

Anshupa is the largest freshwater lake in the state of Odisha, and is one of the foremost tourist attractions. In fact, it is the only major one after the lake Sara has gone dry. The lake is located in the Banki sub-division of Cuttack district, around 50 kilometers from Bhubaneswar.

The lake is surrounded by Saranda Hills in the west and the Mahanadi river is to the south of this lake. Once a part of the Mahanadi river (the reason behind the name of the lake), the lake is now only connected with the river through a canal (naala) called Kabula.

The garden near the lake

In the winter, Anshupa turns into a home of various migratory birds. The play of the shadow of Saranda mountain in the west and surrounding bamboo and mango groves on the rippling waters of Ansupa, make it a real thing of beauty. In this ornithologist’s paradise, you can hire a boat and enjoy the resonance of water of this emerald green lake, blended perfectly with the cool breeze, while keeping an eye open for some rare avian species. Fishing is another privilege, that delights the tourists.