Popularly known as Chhatiabata, Chhatia is a sacred place of pilgrimage. The shrine of Lord Jagannath at Chhatia is a modern piece of Orissan temple architecture. Nearby one can find the archaeological remains of Amravati-Kataka, one of the five important forts of Chodaganga Deva. Amaravati with the back drop of the hill “Dhania” presents an attractive sight.

Traditionally forecast teller epic Malika is associated with this temple. Because Malika writer Saint Hadi Das was residing here. Here is an ancient banyan tree which is popularly known as Chhatia Bata and the lord Jagannath temple is also a really worthy visiting place for all the visitors. Das’ prediction about the Naanka drought in 1866, Super Cyclone in 1999 and other major events in the country have come to pass. Das’ famous poem in Malika says, Jiba Jagata Hoieba Lina, Baishi Pahache Kheliba Mina (All the human beings will be perished and fish will play at the steps of Puri temple). Chhatia Situated at a distance of 25 kms from Cuttack.