Goddess Bhattarika

On the banks of the Mahanadi over a hillock at Sasanka village in Badamba block here, resides the holy abode of Goddess Bhattarika, the epitome of Daivi culture in Odisha, worshipped from time immemorial. Folktale goes that the temple of the deity, also called Brihadamba, was built by a Kondh King, Hattakishore of the region. Thus, the place was named after the deity Brihadamba and in course of time got converted to Badamba.

The present temple of the Goddess is built upon a land of 3,000 sq ft. During the reign of King Kanhu Charan, the main temple was decorated with Buddhist sculptures displaying inscriptions. Goddess Bhattarika has also a myriad of fond names like Aadya, Tripura Mohini, Jagadamba, Jogeswari, Jogamaya, Aparna, Mahamaya, Mahisa Mardini Durga. This pious place is also known as Parsuram Pitha. Every year, on the Mahastami day of Durga Puja, age old rituals are observed in honour of the deity. The local administration organise Bhattarika Mahotsav every year from the month of October.