The earliest Buddhist Complex dating back to the 1st Century AD, Lalitgiri forms an important node of the Diamond Triangle i.e., Lalitgiri (in present Cuttack district) and Ratnagiri and Udayagiri (in present Jajpur district). The majestic ruins of the huge brick monastery, the remains of the Chaitya hall, a number of votive stupas and a renovated stone stupa at the apex of a small rugged sandstone hill dominate the rural greenery around. In addition, the museum displays a large number of Mahayana sculptures consisting of colossal Buddha figures, huge Boddhisattva statues, statues of Tara, Jambhala and others. Interestingly, most of these sculptures contain short inscriptions on them. The Standing Buddha figures, with knee length draperies over the shoulders reminds the influence of the Gandhara and Mathura school of art.