Siddaha Balaram Temple

Siddaha Balaram TempleSiddha Balaram temple at Dhenkanal town is the pivotal figure in the Vaishnava cult in the district. History says that Anangabhima-III brought Sri Balaram from Talmul to Bhima Nagarigarh in 12th-13th A.D. While he was taking the image to Puri, Sri Balaram ordered him to give up the effort. Hence, he built Dasakamba Mandala at Chittalapur near Hindol. But with the advent of the Muslim rule the devotees kept the image at Kardabindha village.

Subsequently, Sridhar Bhanja brought the image. Hari Singh Vidhyadhara later on defeated the Bhanja King and brought the image of Balaram to Dhenkanal. He started the construction of the temple in 1590 A.D. The main temple is 90 feet high.