Bhirabi (Mantridi)

The place is named after the presiding deity Goddess Bhairabi at remote village ‘Mantridi’. Carved in crude fashion, the Icon (one legged Goddess with four hands) was explored by a ploughed and was enshrined as such in a newly adorned temple in the year 1937. According to legend, fisherman and sailors used to worship the deity for blessings before commencement of their journey.

Bhairabi now a day has become an important Sakti Pitha Venerable for the valorous seafaring by the fisherman community who lives in near by villages. Tourists from almost all parts of southern Orissa as well as northern Andhra Pradesh visit this holy shrine every day. The important dates with the deity are the Sankranties of Hindu Calendar, and all Tuesdays. It is around 18 kilometers from Berhampur.