Nirmaljhar is situated at a distance of 12 km from Chilka and is considered to be one of the perfect place to enjoy picnics. The place is embellished with sculptures, arbors, idols and other carryings of highest workmanship.

Jhadeswar Temple (Lord Siva) 4 kilometers, Sankaleswar (Lord Siva) 9 kilometers & Khallikote King’s Palace is 2 kilometers away from here.

The main attraction of the place is Two Kundas (Swimming pools) with pure and cold water. People are coming here to take a dip bath in it. People generally visit this place in summer.The perennial spring which flows from Eastern Ghat through Badaghati Mountain is the source of water for this swimming pool.

The temple of Lord Vishnu is another attraction of this place. Apart from Vishnu Temple, some other small temples are also there surrounding this pool, i.e. Jagannath temple, Vimala temple, Radhakrishna temple, Nilakantheswara temple, Surya Narayan temple and Ganesha temple. Goddess Vimla is the presiding deity of this place. The beauty of 1700 century art could be viewed here. The sculptures of the main events of Mahabharata has been shown in the walls of the temples very effectively.

The nearby attraction is Khallikote King’s Palace and Jhadeswar and Sankaleswar Temple.