It is situated on Taratarini hill near Purusottampur, which is at a distance of 40 km. from Berhampur.Twin Goddess Tara and Tarini are worshiped in the temple a top a hill. River Rushikulya flows at the foot of the hill. Goddesses Taratarini have been regarded as the presiding deity (Ista-Devi) in almost every house in Southern Orissa. This significant and famous Shakta Pitha is situated on a hill top at a distance of 30 Kms towards north of Brahmapur on the south bank of river Rushikulya. The height of the hill is approximately 708ft. and the total area spreading over 180 Acres of land. The hill is popularly known as Taratarini Hill and is surrounded by natural beauty.

Tara Tarini Mela is organized on each Tuesday of the month of Chaitra (March – April) at Taratarini in Ganjam District. Celebrated at the Tara Tarini pith, this is one of the biggest fairs in Orissa. Walking over 999 steps from the foot of the hill, to the hill top under shadows of green plantation is very much amusing and pleasure making.