Located at a distance of 45 km from Berhampur and 19 km from the State Highways at Digapahandi on the Berhampur-Koraput road, Ujjaleswar has been created out of a cave temple, on a hillock which is approachable by steps. A huge stone, shadowing the deity is formed at the back side of the temple, which has been also chiselled to form steps for facilitating people to go around the shrine.

Before reaching the religious site, one would come across the pleasing surrounding of Ghodahada Dam, which has submerged a fort named Vijayanagar and its temple. The reservoir provides water to herds of elephants, crocodiles and pythons and sub-soil water for horticulture farm of tube rose. Mahashivaratri, Sankrantis of every month and all the Mondays of the holy month of Kartika of the Hindu calendar are some of the festivals which are celebrated in the temple with religious fervour and gaiety.