Jagatsinghpur district came into being on April 01, 1993. Prior to that, it was a part of the old Cuttack district which was divided into four new districts.

Jagatsinghpur is located between 19° 58′ North to 20° 23′ North Latitude and 86° 30′ East to 86° 45′ East Longitude. The geographical area of the district is 1759 sq km. The district is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal in the East, Kendrapara district in the North, Cuttack district in the West and Puri district in the South. The area of the district is 1,668 sq km that accounts for 1.07 percent of the total area of the State.

Place of Residence Sex Population Scheduled Castes Scheduled Tribes OBC/ General
Total Persons 1,057,629 222,634 8,640 826,355
Male 538,881 113,088 4,605 421,188
Female 518,748 109,546 4,035 405,167
Rural Persons 953,180 211,675 5,212 736,293
Male 480,442 107,101 2,764 370,577
Female 472,738 104,574 2,448 365,716
Urban Persons 104,449 10,959 3,428 90,062
Male 58,439 5,987 1,841 50,611
Female 46,010 4,972 1,587 39,451
  • Airways
    The nearest airport present is at Bhubaneswar. To avail the airlines facility, the other two ways of communication is quite comfortably available from Jagatsinghpur.
  • Railways
    Because new & big companies are starting their wings at this place, the facility of Railways is a must.
  • Roadways
    The roadways from the district to other places of the State are very well connected, but the conditions of the roads are still to be improved a lot.

Major Cities

Where to stay?
As at other places of the State, the facility for staying like, lodging/accommodations available are not of very high standards, but good & affordable hotels can be gettable. The range of hotels and food facilities available at Orissa is always suitable for all classes of people/traveler.

  • Makar MelaMakar Sankranti(January) is celebrated with pomp and gaiety in mid-January, when the Sun enters the orbit of Capricon. Sun God is worshiped with great fervor and enthusiasm by one and all. The festival can be best enjoyed at Jagatsinghpur.
  • Bali YatraTo commemorate the glorious past of commercial voyages to the islands of Bali, Java and Sumatra by Odishan Traders, a big fair called ‘Bali Yatra’ (November-December) is held at Paradeep on the full moon day of Kartik.

The key crops of the district are paddy, sugarcane, turmeric and cotton. Processing, manufacturing, reparing and fisheries industries have a dominant contribution towards the economic development of Jagatsinghpur.