Padmasini Temple of Padampur

The Padmasini temple of Padmapur is famous for its architectural design that bears close resemblance to the chalukya style of architecture Goddess Padmasini is the presiding deity of this town. The temple of Padmasini was constructed in 7th century A.D. by a Chalukya king of South. However the original temple was destroyed and it is believed to have been reconstructed by the Chouhan king of Sambalpur in 16th century.

Even the stone statue of goddess Padmasini bears striking similarities with the style of the Chalukya period. In the whole state, Padmasini Temple is a unique example of Chalukya art and architecture. In 1956 Padampur town was submerged in Hirakud reservoir. The deity has been shifted to a new temple at nearby ‘Pujaripali’.