Shiva Shrine of Mahadebpali

On the South East direction of Jharsuguda and on the bank of river Bhaden there is an ancient Shiva shrine at Mahadebpali. The study of local history reveals that, there was a small kingdom of a ‘Haihay King’ in this region. A Shiva temple had been constructed by the king on the river bank. The king of Ratnapur (Surguja) attacked this kingdom in concern with the marriage of the only daughter of the Haihay king’ and during this aggression the ‘Haihay King’ was killed and his kingdom was destroyed.

In the 16th century ‘Balram Dev’ the 1st Chouhan king of Sambalpur occupied this fort and there was a war between the Sambalpur king and the Ratnapur king, as a result the importance of the ‘Bhogaragarh’ fort declined.

For a long time the ‘Bhogaragarh’ fort and the surrounding temples remained abandoned. As a result the temples near the fort decayed. A few years back the villagers of Mahadevpali constructed a new temple at the original site.

As the history of local area is clearly linked with this temple it is considered to be one of the Astaswayambhus of Jharsuguda district. Every year fair takes place here on the day of Shivaratri.