Asurgarh is a small village situated in Narla Police Station area and is known for the remains of an old fort. It is 5 km from Narla and 3 km from Rupra Road Railway station. Not far from the village is an oval shaped tank nearly 200 acres in area. Between the tank and the river Sandul, lie the ruins of a fort called Asurgarh. The fort in its original shape was rectangular covering a wide extent of land encircled by a boat. It has four entrances, (East, West, South and North), where the deities Ganga Devi, Kala Pahad, Vaishnavi and Budharaja are worshipped. Inside the fort, there is a small hamlets where, Goddess Dokari (literally means “Old Lady”), the presiding deity of the fort is worshipped. The central part of the fort has a higher elevation with a round on it, which is supposed to be the ruins of a palace. Local people believe that the fort was the seal of a demon kind called Gosinha Daitya.