Lanjigarh is a village situated to the South-east of Bhawanipatna, near the Kalahandi-Koraput border. It is 64 km from Bhawanipatna by road. The 428 feet high summit of the Niamgiri hill is situated just on the district border.

Lanjigarh was the headquarters of Lanjigarh Zamindari under Kalahandi Ex-state. The village has some fortifications with a large moat around. It contains the temples of Gopinath and a female deity called “Dokari”, greatly revered in the area. The local Jhami Yatra or Jhamu Yatra in the month of Chaitra (March – April), is an occasion when, thousands of people gather and witness the walking on burning charcoal by a number of devotees. Lanjigarh exports, Black gram (Biri), Ragi (Mandia), Sesame (Til), Mustard seeds and pulses (Kandul). Guava, Orange and Sugarcane are grown in plenty near Lanjigarh.