The name of the Kendrapara district is quite significant in the Indian subcontinent. The Kendrapara District was formed on April 1, 1993.

Geographical Location
Strategically, the Kendrapara district is situated at 20º 20′ North to 20º 37′ North latitude and 86º 14′ East to 87º 01′ E longitude. According to the Agro-Climatic Classification of Odisha, Kendrapara district falls under the central coastal plain zone.

Four districts encircle the Kendrapara district; even a portion of it is bordered by the Bay of Bengal. For instance, the Kendrapara district lies in the Northern part of the district of Jagatsingpur, Western part of Indian district of Cuttack, South-western part of the district of Jajpur and also southern portion of the district of Bhadrak. Bay of Bengal is also situated in the in the East of the Kendrapara district. The shoreline of Kendrapara district constitutes of forty-eight kilometers, which stretches from ‘Dhamra Muhan to Batighar’. Also the headquarters of the Kendrapara district in about eighty-five kilometers from that of the State.

Population by Sex and Caste
Place of Residence Sex Population Scheduled Castes Scheduled Tribes OBC/ General
Total Persons 1,302,005 267,186 6,822 1,027,997
Male 646,438 134,823 3,550 508,065
Female 655,567 132,363 3,272 519,932
Rural Persons 1,227,868 253,196 6,044 968,628
Male 608,380 127,644 3,153 477,583
Female 619,488 125,552 2,891 491,045
Urban Persons 74,137 13,990 778 59,369
Male 38,058 1,179 397 30,482
Female 36,079 6,811 381 28,887

How to reach there?
It is situated at a distance of 93 km from the State capital and 63 km from Cuttack. There are regular interstate bus services from the nearby towns and cities. Taxis, auto-rickshaws, cycle-rickshaws and local bus services are available.

Where to stay?
There are number of hotels (including star hotels) available in Kendrapara for a good stay.

Fairs and festivals
Kendrapara, a small town in the bank of river Gobari also known as Tulasi Khetra, is famous for the Baldev Jeu Temple that attracts large number of devotees round the year. The annual car festival of Lord Jagannath, Balbhadra & Subhadra and the festival of Gaja-Laxmi on Aswina Purnima, Ashokastami, Laxmi Puja, Durga Puja are observed here with great pomp and splendour.

Places of Interest